Day Sixty-Seven

Today we went to the Career Center and took a Learning Style quiz. We then talked about all the learning styles and how it’s important to know yours and or the people around you. Knowing your learning style is helpful in taking test or doing a homework assignment or even trying to learn something new at work. Understanding other peoples learning style is important because it could be easier in finding the easiest and fastest way to teach them something.

There are three learning styles Auditory, Visual, and Tactile. Auditory is where the person learns by hearing and listening, they understand and remember things they have heard. Visual learning is where the person learns by watching, it is easier for this person to make color coated flash cards, for each topic, to study then just by reading out of the textbook. Tacile leaning has to deal with hands on, someone with this learning style can do projects better rather then reading what has been done.


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