Day One Hundred & Eight

Today I started on the camera usage videos, I am learning how to properly use and take pictures on a T5i Canon camera. I have learned what the different modes are on the top modes option, the main ones they talk about it the shutter priority AE, it works with moving objects and reduce motion blurring. The ISO button deals with modifying the sensitivity of your camera’s sensor.  The circle key pad on the bak has many options of changing the camera settings, you can change the drive mode, single shooting, continuous shooting. There is also a button the this control pad to change the mode if you don’t want to use the mode changer on top. I learned all the settings within the viewfinder, there are nine focusing points that will help you see what you’re focusing on, the exposure indicator it to can show the range of exposure bracketing, the amount of flash compensation or as a level for the camera. ON the back of the camera there is a LCD monitor and touchscreen, you can see this touchscreen from about any angle. You can use this to change the settings that you are using to take your photograph. It shows the shooting mode, the shutter speed, the aperture indicator, sensitivity of the camera, the ISO setting; and flash compensation value. Within the menu button, left go the viewfinder, you can change the volume of the clicking when use choose something with your touchscreen. When autofocusing all you have to do is press the shooting button half down and wait for the beep and then you can fully press down to shoot. Using the self-timer, selecting the drive mode on the control pad you can get to the timer modes, when you choose one you press the shooting button down and a light with light up and it beeps to indicate it is about to take the photo(s). 


2 thoughts on “Day One Hundred & Eight

  1. tfrascht

    Good work. Be sure to take photos using the different settings and options within the settings and then post the photos and tell what differences there are in photos with the change of settings.


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