Day One Hundred & Thirteen

Today I created my favorite work, and canon camera photography pages for my blog. I also started video lessons for Foundations of Photography: Composition.

All good compositions have four things in common :

  1. clearly defined subject and background
  2. sense of balance
  3. point of view
  4. degree of simplicity

Images should always be balanced, there should be ‘layers’ something on one part of a photo should be weighted with something else on the other side.

A good point of view is necessary for a good photo, if you find something you shouldn’t just capture it right at that stance, find a low point or high point. Look for the best light and the right shadow. Don’t always rely on looking through the viewfinder, if you want to reach over a crowd, hold it above your head, if you are looking at the ground or lets say feet, hold your camera low and let the autofocus do some work.


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