Day One Hundred & Forty-Seven

Today I worked on my own project, it is a design of the pyramids or mountains(you choose).

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 2.49.04 PM.png

I first started by changed the custom shapes option to just shapes and I chose th triangle. I drew one out and erased the inside triangle, it had to lines. I then got the filled in triangle and made a shadow and hit the command T and right clicked and then pressed distort and changed the shape of it to fit. I then copied that twice but changed the size and the angle of the shadow. I then used the ellipse tool and made a orange sun behind the pyramids and erased the parts that were over the triangles to make the illusion it is behind them. I then used the line tool to make the designs on the pyramids and then the brush tool, using three different sizes, to draw the birds and the lines on the sun.


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