Day One Hundred & Fifty-Nine

Today I worked on the Adobe Emoji.

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 2.33.33 PM.png

I did a “sad” emoji, because they come in all emotions. I started by making the outline using the ellipse tool. I then found a light blue and put it as the outline and the fill, I then went to layer>layer style>gradient overlay. Blend mode to Darken and style to diamond and changed angle to -135. I then used the I then used the ellipse tool to make two black circles and the outline to the blue and fill to black. I then made to white circles for the middle of the eyes. I also added a couple of black dots on the middle, I used the line tool to make slanted eyebrows for the thing as well. I then used the brush tool to make the purple dots under the eyes. I used a ellipse to make the mouth an another ellipse for the tongue, I used the magnetic lasso tool to make the tongue only for the inside of it, I out a gradient overlay over the tongue at well.


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