Favorite Work

This is where my favorite projects and/or assignments go, on here I going to talk about the projects I enjoyed and what program I used:

  • Creating the magazine cover was one of my favorites, it was the first project, in Photoshop, I did using the magnetic lasso tool and fine point erasing. I had to use several fonts that flowed together, with colors that went well with the design.


  • I truly enjoyed the election campaign project, we did this project because the election was coming up and she wanted to see what skills we could use and/or develop. Using photoshop and navigating throughout the program was amusing. I think that during the time period we did the election campaign I learned the most about photoshop. I used the shape tool, the magnetic lasso tool, duplication, and opacity. There was a lot of the same work but I still remember how I did it and how to navigate the program.


  • I also enjoyed deigning the Google logo, it was the project to create a Thanksgiving/Fall logo. Using the Photoshop program, I used the shape tool, quick color changing, opacity, and quick copy & paste. I chose that colors come together and flow throughout the whole image, and a design that catches the eye and goes well with the project.

Google Logo.jpg

  • The NWTC YouTube Channel Art Project, this was one of my top favorite assignments because I got to use different techniques throughout photoshop. I ended up custom shape tool, folks, and the 3D tool. I had fun with this because you could have a simple shape and using the 3D tool you can make it something different and/or new.

Channel Icon.jpg